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1.Are you on the following fixed asset equipment management modes:

 1. Manual recording of newly added fixed asset equipment

 2. Manual recording of fixed asset equipment transferring

 3. Manual recording of fixed asset equipment obsolescing

   Manual recording of fixed asset equipment inventory

2.Do you face the following problems?

 1. Are you troubled with the multitudinous asset information management?

 2. Are you worried about the asset security monitoring?

Aisino intelligent asset management solution

(1)system functions

The asset management staff can use the system understand the features, conditions, position, and history changes of each managed object (article) and carry out the corresponding management plan and measures  based on the information to improve the operation level and management quality of the asset owner. The system contains the following modules: system management, label making, importing management, exporting management, inventory management, allocation management, asset exchanging management, reporting analysis, and terminal data acquisition program.

 (2) Advanced technologies

The asset is labeled with RFID identifier and traced since entering the company. A complete information database will be constructed.

Establish an asset subsidiary ledger, complete asset equipment record, specific management responsibilities to each person.

Electronic work form motivates new addition, importing, taking, allocating, maintaining, inventory, obsolescing and clearing of asset to fix the management processes.

PDA executive work order to feed back the asset alteration in good time.

Working flow engine ensures the process approval and history trace preserval.

It could be combined with financial module of ERP system to keep the consistency between account and reality, and the synchronization of data information.

It could be integrated with relevant systems to meet the requirement of internal and external audit regulations.

Reduce the duplicate purchase. Reduce the asset maintenance cost. Improve the asset management level.

3. Successful case: China State Grid asset tracing management system

According to the spirit of State Grid marketing document ([2006]223) "instructive specifications of electric energy metering system construction", it will construct Northern Hebei power company metering center to realize the centralized verification and storage, unified distributing and monitoring of metrological appliance and electric energy data acquisition equipment authorization, automatic verification, logistics distribution".

This scheme includes the adjustment specifications of metering asset management regulation and business process. On this basis combined with advanced technologies such as internet of things and intelligent warehouse, it proposes State Grid direct distribution construction and implementation solution.

We introduce the RFID into the metering asset exporting/importing processes and asset monitoring of tiered warehouse facility. We use the RFID label as the technical link with product identification and information acquisition. By automatically identifying the fixed reader/writer or portable reader/writer set up in the entrance of warehouse, and combing with the remote or local information center, we can carry out the information query in real time for metering assets. The RFID can improve the asset management efficiency and further realize the asset management informationization. Meanwhile we construct the RFID tiered warehouse facility asset tracing platform to achieve the real-time and accuracy requirements. Also we can realize the inventory and statistical analysis as well as the secure storage. Finally we achieved the full life circle management for State Grid to metering asset.